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Welcome to Window Box Press, LLC!  Take a look at our award winning book There's a Hippopotamus in My Bed and An Elephant Wants to Wear My Favorite Red Shoes. 


Take a peek inside the Mom's Choice Award winning book There's a Hippopotamus in My Bed.

Emmalyn dreams about bringing all the zoo animals home with her.  "Come live in my house," she says to the hippopotamus.  "It will be so much fun!"  Or will it?

Size 10"x10",  32 pages, Hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-0-9793738-1-7

$15.95 USD + taxes and shipping   

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     Winner of a Mom's Choice Award, There's a Hippopotamus in My Bed and An Elephant Wants to Wear My Favorite Red Shoes is a gentle children's picture book about a little girl who dreams of growing up to be a zookeeper.  She loves animals of all shapes and sizes, but realizes that she can't keep them at her house - "What if the elephant wants to wear my favorite red shoes, or the sloth finger-paints all over the walls?"  As much as she wishes the animals could come with her, she knows they will be happy at the the zoo - and one day she'll make her dream of being a zookeeper come true. (But the elephant still wants to wear her favorite red shoes!)  Whimsical color illustrations bring this wonderful, animal-filled story to life. - The Midwest Book Review 

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